Pasta Making in Rome – If I had a penne for every time

I just wanted to tagliatelle you, you won’t be sorry if you take this fantastic pasta making course… Right, I’ll stop with the pasta puns now and get to the point!

GoLearnTo traveller Lisa recently returned from our pasta making course and market visit in Rome. She learnt to cook in the chef’s private apartment, located right in the centre of Rome, near to the Spanish Steps.

Read on for her raving review right here, right now…

My pasta making experience in Rome

The pasta making cooking class and market visit EXCEEDED my expectations! I was a little apprehensive – my daughter is a Chef for a living so she knows what she is doing.  I cook, but certainly not anything fancy and have always viewed making fresh pasta as beyond my capabilities.

stuffed ravioli and cheese on a plate

Lisa’s delicious ravioli

I needn’t have worried. Monica was so wonderful with all of us. We had an 8-year-old boy in our class and she took the time to pick tasks that were appropriate for him. If an 8-year-old can make ravioli – so can I! The course was incredibly informative and my daughter and I had the best time.

What we learnt to cook

We cooked artichoke ravioli with pork cheeks in a white sauce – that was my favourite. Also, I had never worked with artichoke before and Monica made that so simple for us.

We also made gnocchi with tomato sauce and risotto. Monica was kind enough to include wheat-free options as my daughter is allergic to wheat.  She loves to cook it, but can’t eat it.  She made wheat-free pasta for Abby and included the risotto dish.

We also had chicken parmesan and chicken with prosciutto and sage – one dish was as good as the next but I LOVED the ravioli.

We did not have Fabio so Monica cooked with us and she was absolutely wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about her.  She was interested in our likes and tastes and the class exceeded anything I had hoped to gain from it.

Why you should give pasta making a try

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to do something different. It was our most relaxing day in Rome.  I enjoyed everything about the class. The pasta making was my favourite part but the market tour was also really interesting.


If you would like to try out making your own pasta in Rome then you this is the course for you, alternatively try our one day cookery course in the relaxing medieval village of Mazzano Rome, Italy.