Karen’s review of her pastry making holiday in Bordeaux, where ‘everything was fantastic’

French pastry and baking cookery course in Bordeaux, France - eclairs

Karen had such an amazing time on our pastry making holiday in France that her only problem was deciding which her favourite part was! Read on to find out more about the best moments, lovely people and wonderful takeaways on her delicious holiday.


Best moments

I had an amazing time. It is difficult to say which my favourite moment was. I really enjoyed the time in the kitchen because it was so hands on. That was one of the best things, being able to try it instead of watching other people do it. I also really liked that it was a small group of only 3 people. Accommodation was great, food was great, everything was fantastic.

Lovely people

Everyone on the holiday got along very well because we were all single girls. Everyone was really relaxed and easy to talk to!

A basketful of takeaways

Marlene and Marc are fabulous, very relaxed, very welcoming, easy going, easy to talk to. Marlene’s teaching style is very relaxed and easy going. I didn’t feel like she was teaching; it wasn’t like formal teaching. Although I learnt a lot, it was very relaxed. It was great. You could tell how experienced is. I really liked that she’s got a lot of scientific explanations of why things have to be done when they are. It’s quite scientific, baking, and she had all that technical knowledge. And I’m someone who likes to know why this happens and why that happens and she really had a lot of information.

For example, she taught us about using eggs in baking things, because eggs can easily make you sick if you don’t do it right. Marlene was describing all the different ways in which you can stabilise eggs to make them safe.

I don’t cook often because I live alone, but the cooking lessons were very interesting. I would try to prepare some of the pastries that I learnt for my friend’s birthday!

Next time, I would like to try the seasonal cooking course and I might take my mom to it.

To those considering this holiday, don’t hesitate!


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