Guest review: why Eleanor is already looking to book another cookery holiday

When planning a holiday for herself and her daughter, it was important that Eleanor got the right balance of fun activities to keep them both happy.

They decided that a happy balance would be a bit of cooking and a side of horse riding. And just like that, a holiday in Andalucia was booked.

Since returning from her horse riding and Spanish cooking holiday in Andalucia, Spain, Eleanor has been inspired to use her new cooking skills back home.

So we couldn’t wait to find out more about Eleanor’s magnificent holiday.

Why did you choose this cooking and horse riding holiday?

I wanted to experience a variety of activities and the course gave us the opportunity to both ride and cook.

What were your highlights of the holiday?

We enjoyed the drive into the mountains to find our accommodation, which is well off the beaten track. Plus, the activities also took us to locations we would never have otherwise seen.

I have to say that we also enjoyed hanging out by the pool and our late night swimming sessions. Perfect for when we got home hot and sweaty from our evening horse riding sessions.

Did you learn any top cooking tips from Clive?

Clive took us right back to basics and started with how to chop an onion correctly. He also taught us how to bone a whole trout which we then stuffed and enjoyed eating. We loved making the baked meringues too!

How did you find the horse riding lessons?

The horse riding lessons were great and the quality of the horses was excellent.

I am an experienced rider but the instructor was able to give me some new tips and correct my riding position. She matched me up to ride with a German mum who, like me, had some riding experience but also had a daughter the same age as mine.

This meant the girls were able to do their own trek while us Mums did a faster trek designed for more experienced riders.

How did you get on with your hosts, Clive and Maki?

Maki and Clive were great hosts – their B&B provided the perfect venue for a really authentic Spanish holiday.

You could easily tell that Clive was a proper chef and able to provide us with a superb taste of Spain and a fun cookery lesson that inspired us to come back for more.

Spanish main dish presented on a plate

Just one of the delicious dishes Eleanor made

Will you try the dishes you made at home?

We were definitely inspired by our cookery lessons and have been making our own custard at home. I also bought a local trout to bone by ourselves.

What would you say to others considering doing this holiday?

If you want an interesting and authentic Spanish holiday in Andalusia then this is definitely worth doing.

I would definitely holiday with NotInTheGuideBooksagain as I would like to know that the activities I was trying had been vetted and subject to feedback. Next time I would like to do some more cooking in another country.

How would you sum up your learning holiday experience?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The holiday more than met my expectations as I felt that it was very authentic with the teaching provided by local people. Clive and Maki were very knowledgeable but also able to communicate in English with us.

Eleanor enjoyed her cooking lessons with Clive so much that she has been inspired to learn more cooking in another country. We look forward to helping you plan your next delicious cookery holiday, Eleanor!

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