Authentic experience – Ravi learns how to create delicious Italian meals in Venice

“Beautiful surroundings, very comfortable accommodation, a high level of learning, and a family atmosphere… I thoroughly recommended it.”

Ravi never believed he’d be able to create authentic Italian meals at home, but after an Italian cooking holiday in Venice he’s creating delizioso Italian dishes with ease!

Read on to find out more about his experience…

Did the cookery course meet your expectations?


Dinner time!

Yes, absolutely! The course exceeded my expectations.

Did you have any apprehensions about the cookery holiday before you arrived?

Yes, there was a small apprehension because I thought I was going to be the only participant. Also, I was not sure about the authenticity of the recipes that would be taught.

But it turned out that I was in good company who had similar expectations and the recipes we learned were authentic and made to look easy by the Chef Antonella.

What was your accommodation like?

It is a huge old farmhouse that has been converted with taste and comfort in mind. It was very comfortable and super clean.

The kitchen is very large and has plenty of natural light and it is fitted with a range of impressive professional accessories.


Fresh ravioli

What did you learn to cook and what was your favourite dish?

We were asked for our preferred recipes when we arrived. In the 3 days I was there I covered 10 hours of practical learning of wonderful dishes. It’s genuinely hard to pick a favourite dish as I love all food.

I developed skills such as how to debone poultry, make ravioli, techniques in making gnocchi, preparing gelato and many more including osso buco (a veal dish).

What was chef Antonella like?

Antonella is very warm, kind and patient. She is ready to pass on some of the techniques and knowledge that she herself learned from her mother and other relatives. She wears a smile all the time.

What was your highlight of the holiday and why?

Eating our own creations with good quality wine, always initiated by a glass or two of prosecco served by Philip.
I could not have imagined that I can now make authentic, complete Italian meals which are also so delicious!

Would you recommend this cookery course to others?


At the local market

Yes, I would gladly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn Italian cooking in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. They will also take you to spend a few hours exploring the local markets and towns nearby. I understand that children are welcome to take part with their parents.

Update 2013

Unfortunately, Chef Antonella has moved on to better things in life and this course is no longer available.

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