Two French classics – cheese and wine

I was lucky enough to try out our amazing French cheese and wine pairing course in Paris this weekend.

I’d been warned that I wouldn’t need too much breakfast as the cheese, crispy French bread and cold meats would be plentiful and they weren’t kidding. I think I may have eaten my own body weight in some of the most delicious cheese I’ve ever tasted during the lunch time course.

Our host Lionel (‘as in Richie!’) was a young enthusiastic and very professional sommelier who somehow managed to strip the snobbery out of wine tasting making it fun and interesting whilst taking things very seriously and making sure we got our money’s worth as he took time to explain about everything from how best to open a bottle, how and why we decant wine, the wine making process, the different regions of France, why its not a sign of cheap wine if it has a screw top, how to spot a wine from a small or large producer and much much more.

I learnt that goats cheese goes best with Champagne, a hard strong cheese pairs best with a delicious wine from Bordeaux and that the amazing cheese that was over 90% fat went with everything!

This is a fun course and if you’ve been to Paris before and want to do something different but something distinctly ‘French’ then I highly recommend taking a couple of hours out of your sightseeing and shopping schedule to experience this.

I’ve returned home a few pounds heavier but content in the knowledge that next time I buy French wine I’ll have at least some idea of what I’m buying and why.

Right…. where’s the nearest cheese shop?

Book this Wine and Cheese Course for your next trip to Paris by clicking on the link below…

Wine and Cheese Course – Paris