Reasons to take a cooking course

Cooking classes are a fun way to explore the culture of a country and you’ll learn a practical new skill to impress your friends with at your next dinner party!

A bonus of taking a cookery class is that although you have to roll up your sleeves and get cooking, you don’t have to worry about the washing up. highlights the following 3 reasons why a cooking course is a perfect compliment to any trip:

1. You’ll try some of the best food the region has to offer
Courses are taught by professional chefs with many years of experience so you’ll not only benefit from a few hours cooking alongside them but will also learn how to cook dishes you can’t always find in restaurants.  Many cooking courses also include a guided tour of the local food market giving you an even deeper insight into locally produced food from the region as well as learning what’s seasonal and fresh.

2. Get some top tips from a professional chef
Learn some top tips that you can’t find in even the best cookery books.
Did you know you need to use boiling stock for risotto and there are over 1000 types of rice? Make sure you have warm hands when making pasta, put garlic into cold oil before frying to stop it browning put slices of butter on top of rice to stop a skin forming and more…

3. Go learn to cook and take home a new skill to impress your friends
You’ll never be stuck for ideas of what to cook for a dinner party again as you’ll be able to cook a 3 course meal and maybe even more dishes from your holiday destination.

Spanish Cooking Course in Barcelona