Meet Fabrizio & friends, your culinary hosts on a foodie adventure across Abruzzo

Pay attention here, when it comes to cooking holidays in Italy, we’re about to let you in on one of Italy’s best-kept secrets – the stunning region of Abruzzo. Although well-known among Italians, Abruzzo remains relatively unknown to the many visitors that set foot in Italy every year.

Abruzzo is probably one of the most culturally rich regions in the country with incredible landscapes and scenery to boot. Its charm lies in remaining off that beaten track and now is the time to visit before the word gets out.

But have no fear because Fabrizio is here!

Fabrizio has created his own independently run culinary tours across Abruzzo to showcase the very best of the local people and amazing local produce and cuisine. Based in the town of Vasto, each day on his holiday brings someone new to meet and something new to learn and taste.

So let’s meet the team that make this holiday so unique and wonderful…

Fabrizio – The Guide

Fabrizio gained an interest in travel and the wave of excitement tourism can bring when he spent his summers as a teenager bar-tending in Vasto. So, it was an easy choice for him to choose Tourism Economics when the time came for university, and he was delighted to spend some time as a student in the UK.

your guide Fabrizio holding glass of wine by the sea

Fabrizio enjoying a glass of vino by the sea

From there, he went on to live and work in tourism in Bologna, Milan and Barcelona. Now while these are all amazing cities, Fabrizio came to realise that his home in Abruzzo offered a distinctive, more laid back lifestyle, and wanted others to see it and love it just like he does. Cue the creation of his culinary tours and holidays around his region of Abruzzo.

To Fabrizio, the most important aspect of his tours is being able to contribute to the region by developing sustainable experiences for travellers off the beaten track and a world away from the mass-produced tours.

Here you’ll join Fabrizio and his friends and family to enjoy Abruzzo’s wonderful climate, landscapes, culture, traditions and food just like the locals.

Adele – The Cook

Adele dishes up pasta for two woman sat at table

Adele serving up some delicious fresh pasta for lunch

Adele has taken inspiration from her mother, mirroring her mother’s techniques and dedicating many hours to the kitchen. As a result, she has mastered the local cuisine and loves sharing her recipes and methods with travellers. Adele now has a daughter, and plans to make sure she grows up with the best tastes and flavours of the region, just as she was raised.

Berardino – The Farmer

Berardino manages a 13 acre farm with his family, and is the 4th generation to carry it on. At 51, he has a lifetime of experience in the production of grain, oil, wine, cheese and cold cuts. You’ll also be sure to meet his cattle, sheep and donkeys while on the farm.

Nicola and Emanuele – The Winemakers

two brothers stand for photo against vineyard

Brothers Nicola and Emanuele love to show off their vineyard

These two brothers are very close, not just because they are family but because they both share a passion for wine. Each year, they use technique and intuition to create their own unique wines with character. They’ll make sure you’ll taste the very best while you’re there.

Giovanni and Elio – The Olive Oil Producers

Again, we have another team of brothers, taking care of a field of ancient olive trees and producing the most amazing extra virgin olive oil. Walk through the process with them, then finally find out the tastes, differences, and colours of the oils, until you find the perfect match for your palette.

Rinaldo – The Fisherman

group of people say cheers in a circle

Rinaldo (centre) raises a glass with his guests on his ‘trabocco’

Rinaldo is the owner of a local ‘trabocco’ – a large spider-like fishing machine, made of wood, ropes and nets, which is typical to this region of the Adriatic Sea. Embrace your time with him, as you can’t find these structures everywhere. Rinaldo will even guide you through the steps of how to get your own catch, if you’re up for it. All before a delicious seafood lunch and crisp wine, obviously.

If you’d like to discover Abruzzo and its food and people with Fabrizio, why not join him on his cooking and culture holiday or the cooking, wine and walking tour.

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