Meet Chef Poul who runs our fabulous French cookery holiday in Brittany

If you’re lucky enough to head to Brittany and try Poul’s food, you’ll struggle to find anything else quite like it. During your time with this Michelin trained chef, you’ll learn to make no less than 37 individual dishes. Yes, 37 in one week.

In addition to his culinary holidays, Poul is a regular at the local markets, seeking out the fresh catch of the day, or trying new wines to bring to the table – the man does it all to keep up with the ever evolving trends of the international world of food.

I was able to steal some time from him to get to know more about his cookery holiday and his background, so you can learn a bit more about him.

What inspired you to start cooking?

Chef Poul plates up oysters in his kitchenI loved cooking as a child and had relatives who encouraged me. I studied gastronomy and wines for five years at a French restaurant which was a member of Relais & Château and Cordon Bleu.
Also, I love to share great recipes, swap ideas and meet others who love great food and wine.

What were you doing before you set up your cooking school?

I ran my own Michelin restaurant which was located in the pretty town of Ebeltoft, Denmark. My focus was on French and modern European cuisine, as well as traditional Scandinavian dishes. I changed to offering cooking holidays when I moved to France ten years ago.

What is the first, basic skill you teach in all of your cooking courses?

You may be surprised but making stock. So easy, good on its own, basic and full of purpose!

In your opinion, what dish should everyone learn or know how to cook?

Everyone should be able to make their own bread, and a good one.

What is the top mistake you see beginner cooks making and how can they fix it?

Throwing out good food instead of thinking how they can reuse it in another recipe.

Chef Poul's leftover special with beef and potatoesFor example, if you have leftover boiled potatoes and roasted beef (or lamb) you can quickly make a Farmers Delight! Simply cut all the leftovers into dices. Chop up a large onion. In a pan, fry up the onion. Then add the diced potatoes. When potatoes are brown add the beef and continue frying for a minute or two. Finally fry an egg and serve it with fresh chives on top of the potatoes and beef.

All food can be made into a new dish, you just need some imagination.

Why are cooking holidays great for single travellers?

It is a place to meet like minded people and potential new friends, while being hosted by someone who truly knows the area.

Enjoying food and wine with other students around the table, and experiencing something sublime that they, themselves, created is the most enjoyable way to learn.

What are the top three things that guests should see/do in your area?

The best kept secret in the area is the medieval monastery of Le Mont St Michel. I would also say visit the food market at Rennes Marche de Lices on Saturday mornings, walk the old walls of St Malo, and visit the medieval town of Dinan.

Join Poul in his fun, laid back cookery lessons and create stunning meals during your week in Kerrouet, Brittany.

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