Suzanne hails from the U.S. state of New Jersey and has spent some time in Italy stationed with her husband. She has been passionate about cooking for the past 45 years, and owned a restaurant in the past.

When her military husband had to go away for work, she thought she would take a holiday on her own to discover some new recipes, and stumbled upon our 7-night cooking holiday in the picturesque village of Askeli, in Poros.

After her return, we had the opportunity to catch up with her and get the inside scoop:

Greek dessert cake with ice cream cooked on holiday

Who did you meet on the Greek cooking holiday?

I was the only one signed up for the cooking classes, although the accommodation was filled with many travellers from everywhere. The Chef, Katerina, I had to myself, and it was an absolute pleasure, as we could plan our days and lessons solely on my preferences! This in no way meant I was alone throughout my week… just that I was spoiled by my host/chef, who grew up on the isle and knew it inside and out.

At one point, there were two Swedish girls staying at the hotel for two nights, who were thrilled to learn there were cooking lessons on offer. They joined us for a night.

Greek cookery course host Katerina cutting onions

Can you tell us about the accommodation, village, and hosts?

The accommodation is several gorgeous apartments, literally a minute’s walk from the beautiful beach. The main town is about a kilometre away, and filled with cafes, bars, and local restaurants.

The hosts, Katerina and Rick, along with their daughter, make you feel like family the minute you arrive — they will introduce you to everyone in the bistro at your first breakfast, so you will meet other travellers immediately.

Katerina really has a way with people, and she will do what she can to make you get the most out of your trip. As I was the only one cooking the first night, she devised the menu completely off what I wanted to cook, and then took me for a lovely ride around the island on her scooter. As she was raised here, she has an insider’s view on everything. The very next day she helped me score my own scooter — a mere €30 for 2 days! It was bliss.

The classes are scheduled around what works best for everyone. If everyone needs a beach day, you can cook at night. Want to visit Hydra? They will make it happen. The acropolis? Done. Everything is mapped out for the guests based on their desires and needs.

Cooking fish and seasoning it on holiday in Greece

What were the highlights of the cookery holiday?

I was literally comfortable within the first minute — they do everything for you, from transfers and pick ups to ferries and car rentals. There was nothing I needed to think or worry about aside from what I wanted to do… and then they made it happen.

The buffet breakfasts were the best I have had in Europe. I must add that out of the three times I have been to Greece, this has been my hands down favourite. I still keep in touch with the owners, and plan on returning — as do many guests. They have a huge following and return rate!

Boats docked in harbour in Poros, Greece

Any advice for fellow travellers?

Do it. It is one of the best things I have ever done alone (even though I was never alone)!