Guest review: Sue and Richard share their French cooking holiday experience in Bordeaux

Sue and Richard both love to cook, so a holiday that combines a perfect setting, lovely, cosy accommodation, great food and wine, and excellent, but laid back cooking tuition was something they always thought about doing together.

As they were searching for a French cooking holiday that fit the bill, Google led them to GoLearnTo, then onto Marlene and Tom’s holiday in Bordeaux, and they were immediately eager to try it. They started their holiday planning in January, and got ahead of the summer season by reserving the perfect French getaway for June.

We called them to find out more about their holiday first hand:

What were the best parts of the holiday?

Meeting the gracious hosts, Marlene and Tom… they really know what their doing! Also, the farmhouse was absolutely beautiful.

It was a great experience getting together with everyone every day. We didn’t try any of the local restaurants, as we were there to learn the local secrets for ourselves. Getting together with our new friends and common interest every day made each day special. Each of us in the group brought our own skills and knowledge to the table.

We came away with new friends, and the whole experience has made this one of our most memorable holidays, and left us wanting to do it again.

Who were the other travellers you met?

On our particular week, there was another couple, as well as one female solo traveller, and one male. It was the perfect group size and mix.

What were Marlene and Tom like?

Marlene and Tom were the perfect hosts—very personable, and you were made to feel at home.

What was the best cooking tip you picked up?

The best tip for me was how to learn to cook and present vegetables in a whole new way—one that didn’t even make it appear like you were using vegetables at all by creating beautiful vegetable sauces.

What activity would you like to try next?

Richard and I are very much looking forward to going on a cookery holiday again—to the exact same place! We loved it so much the first time, we thought we would try again in a different season to learn the regional and seasonal dishes available at that time.