Guest review: Jude and her son finally get their cookery holiday together in Italy

Jude and her son James’ first attempt to go on holiday together ended in a cancelled flight and no holiday. 5 years later, they decided to give it another go and finally get away for some quality time together.

With James being half Italian, Italy was the top choice. Both Jude and James are keen cooks and really wanted to learn some traditional Italian cooking so a quick search led them to decide on an Italian cookery holiday.

After some research, Jude decided that GoLearnTo offered the best value for money (why thanks!) and opted for Mirella’s Italian cookery and wine break in Tuscany.

So why did you choose Mirella’s cookery holiday?

Well, for a start Tuscany was our top choice. After that, everything just seemed to fit in with what we wanted from the holiday. Pisa airport had a direct route from our nearest airport and it was easy to hire a car too.

I suppose the biggest draw was the swimming pool. Even though we went in October, the weather was fantastic! It was too cold for me though but that didn’t stop James!

Who else was on the holiday?

It was just us and a nice couple from near London. This meant that it was just the 4 of us in the cookery lessons though which was an added bonus. And we didn’t just cook together either, we often spent time together chatting during the holiday.

What were the cooking lessons like?

portion of tiramisu on white plate with forkMirella asked us what we wanted to learn and the other couple wanted to make Tiramisu so we made that and it was surprisingly easy to make. We also made pizza base, fresh pasta & ‘saltimbocca’, which means ‘jump in the mouth’ and were absolutely delicious.

The lessons were pitched at the right level for the group and I made sure I kept notes so I could remember what we’d covered when we got home.

Another bonus was Mirella’s husband, a sommelier, giving us a talk on wine, which was fascinating, and then we got to taste the wines too!

What was the highlight of your trip?

Well the beautiful surroundings for at start. We got lots of walking in on the trails nearby. I mentioned before that the weather was great while we were there. The food was delicious. So I guess there wasn’t a highlight actually, overall it was just a fantastic holiday.

Red flower bush outside Italian palaceHow was the accommodation?

Amazing! It really was an old palace. I had seen a photo on the NotInTheGuideBookswebsite of a bedroom with a magnificent 4 poster bed but I never imagined that would be the room I would be staying in!

The dining room had this fabulous huge table that could easily sit 16 people. It really felt like it was a privilege to stay there.

What did you think of your hosts and tutors?

Mirella and her husband were both very laid back and interesting people who showed a genuine interest in us. As James speaks Italian they kindly spoke English to me & Italian to him. We also met their lovely little girl too.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing this holiday?

Just go there! But I think to really make the most of the location and accommodation, go in a group if you can and have a big party.

My son suggested that we go back there for my 60th birthday with a big group. And we might just do that.

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