9 cookery holidays to suit every type of foodie

If you love food, we have GOT food, along with amazing cookery holidays where you can take home the cooking skills to replicate high end, Michelin star food, or the handmade, homemade pastas made throughout the kitchens of Italy. From carbs, to gluten free, from desserts to seafood, we have a foodie holiday that will bring the country and culture alive through its culinary delights, with like minded people, regional wines, and beautiful accommodation.

Here’s a quick reference to get you where you need to eat:

1. Carb Fest

From gorgeous pastas, to the stone pizza ovens, any one of our sinful Italian cookery holidays will get you plate upon plate of delight– and if you choose correctly, it will include all of your wine while you do it! For a full on eating experience old school style, with a variety of local wines and prosecco to accompany it, you may want to check out this cooking holiday just outside of Barga, nestled in the lush green mountains of Tuscany.

2. Meat Fest

I have a couple of Croatian friends, and I must tell you, they seriously know how to eat. They put us to SHAME. Whatever the occasion, there is usually homemade sausages, home made charcuterie platters, and when we’re really lucky, there’s the whole hog– Grandpa does it slow-roasted then brings the result over. This is a snout to tail art that villages all over Europe used to know, and use, generation over generation, to make the most of everything, and to make it last. If you’re a lover of the meats, and aren’t sure where to start, this Charcuterie and Butchery course in France may be the thing to get you going– and stocking up your relative’s kitchens and freezers for the cold winters ahead.

3. Seafood Fest

We all try to be a bit good, and go less heavy on the red meat. The perfect solution for the boredom of chicken breasts is this fantastic Fish and Crustacean course in Gascony, where you will master everything from skinning and deboning your fish, to making the perfect mussel soup, change things up with stuffed squid, master the crab tartlet, all along with sauces to accompany your seafood delights. After your cooking lessons, rest those hard worked hands in the hot tub at night with a glass of regional red or white.

4. Gluten Free Fest

This treat is from our lovely host Rita, who also feels the pain that overdoing the gluten can cause. As gluten is something that has never sat well with her, she has extensively researched the many gluten free grains that are widely available in Italy, and have been used for thousands of years, such as chickpea, farro and chestnut. You will be surprised at the lovely spread of pasta, pizzas, soup and chestnut cake that you will find yourself gorging on during this gluten free Italian cookery holiday.

5. Sweet Fest

Some people can live only on the sweet stuff in life. If you’re one of them, up your game by learning the sweet secrets of macaroons, chocolates, eclairs, tarts, crepes– all in a French farmhouse in the charming small village of Anzex in the Lot-et-Garonne. The perfect date for a mother and daughter, or the single traveller ready to take Christmas to a whole new level (no single supplements on this holiday!), can be found on this French pastry cookery course near Bordeaux.

6. Veggie Fest

Here’s the good news, most of our cooking holidays would be more than happy to cater for any vegetarian dietary requirements. All of our cooking hosts pride themselves on using the freshest local ingredients from the local producers they have used for years– and will take you there personally. Feel free to ask us about any of our cooking holidays and how they can accommodate your vegetarian needs. However, for a different twist, why not try this yoga and cooking holiday in the hills of Puglia, in a 15th century farmhouse.

7. Show-off Fest

Do you have one of those friends that somehow has the perfect child, perfect dog, perfect home, perfect vacations, and perfect dinner parties? Yeah, well we don’t like them. Up your game by staying at a luxury hotel and spa, and learning the art of Provencal cuisine with a Michelin Star Chef. Feel free to borrow a bicycle and explore the French countryside, or hit the sauna or pool. Don’t forget, these recipes come home with you. That will show them.

8. Less-Guilt Holiday

This family run foodie holiday is set on a working farm in gorgeous Umbria, where you can stay in a self catered apartment, and take a dip in the pool. This farm produces its own wine and olive oil, and they will be more than happy to let you in on the family secrets. To balance out the 4 course meals of Italian classic dishes you’ll be cooking and consuming, this cooking holiday comes with stunning hikes. Each day you will experience a new terrain and path where you will experience breathtaking views, ancient sites and try out Urban Trekking in the city of Perugia.

9. New Food Fest

For something entirely unique, join our popular Mexican Chef, Ana, in her spacious, airy, outdoor kitchen in a beautiful 6 bedroom villa in the stunning Tepozteco mountains. You will learn Mexican classics such as tortillas, quesadillas with squash blossoms, huitlacoche, chiles rellenos, chicken tamales, along with plenty of others dishes that will blow your mind. In addition, the villa is surrounded by beautiful gardens, an organic citrus orchard and lily pools for you to explore at your leisure. If you haven’t tried Mexico yet, do not miss this Mexican cookery holiday.

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