City Day Tours

Day City Tours and Activities

Get into the heart and soul of a city with a one day tour. We’ve found the best city sightseeing tours for you to discover and be guided around the greatest bits the city has to offer.

What you can expect from our One Day City Tours?

Like all Not in the Guidebooks activities, our pick of day city tours will be the cream of the crop and will leave you feeling inspired and understanding of the culture and personality of the city you’re visiting. Each tour offers much more than sightseeing and will create lasting memories for all that attend.

What type of day tours do we offer?

Some are filled with art and culture, others with action packed thrills. What every tour includes is an authentic look into the local traditions, perks and highlights of the city. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Cape Town Township Adventure, Cape Town, South Africa

Visit a local township and see the many facets the city has to offer. You’ll help create a vegetable garden, experience a traditional cooking lesson, enjoy painting, crafts or music and enjoy a traditional lunch, with local music in a community member’s home. This tour truly gets you into the heart of the city – you’ll interact with the community and get involved with so many memorable experiences.

Galle Fort Walk, Sri Lanka

What better way to explore one of South Asia’s best preserved forts than with a local? Explore historic Galle Fort with a 4th generation Galle resident and experience a melting pot of cultures and panoramic views of the south coast from the ramparts. You’ll wander through bustling cobble-stoned pathways uncovering hidden stories behind the walls and admiring architectural marvels as you go.

Discover Bondi, Sydney, Australia

This day tour is full to the brim of adventure and activity, in Sydney’s most eclectic suburb. Your local guide will show you all the best bits of the beach suburb of Bondi and the fun won’t stop from start until finish. You’ll start with a walking tour and learn about the history of the area before quite literally diving in head first as you take part in a two-hour surfing lesson with tuition from some of Bondi’s most experienced surfers. Following this, you can enjoy a well-deserved lunch at the local RSL (Returned and Service League) Club, before finishing the day with a two-hour guided coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee, basking in some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches and coastline.

Why should you try these activities?

Perfect for go getters and curious explorers, our city tours bring together a selection of the best bits and memorable experiences, packaged together for you to enjoy. Day city tours take the planning element away for you, you just have to go along for the ride. And what a ride it will be!