Pantanal Food Safari

From £1498 pp

Brazil, The Pantanal

5 Days, 4 Nights


Pantanal Food Safari

From £1498 pp

What You'll Do

Pantanal cuisine is superb. Delicious dishes cooked in the wood stove are the base for this traditional gastronomy and on this tour you will get to experience it all.

The Pantanal is known worldwide as the number one wildlife destination in Brazil. But for us, the main attraction of the Pantanal is its people and culture.

Pantanal cuisine is superb. Delicious dishes cooked in the wood stove are the base for this traditional gastronomy, which keeps its origins and attributes.

Of course beef is the main attraction in a culture established in cattle ranching properties, and it is certainly sensational. But healthy fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and other tasty complements compose a variety of flavours in many different typical dishes – which are simply stupendous!

The Pantanal Food Safari is an immersive experience in the feeding rituals of a typical Pantanal farm. Through living with local people in their natural habitat you will learn all about this fascinating culture.

Our expedition can take place in two different lodges: Barra Mansa located in a very protected and pristine area with access only by 4WD vehicles & Pousada Pequi with easier and faster access from Campo Grande.

Culinary experiences & hands-on cooking classes are interspersed with tours in the Pantanal wetlands as horseback rides, boat rides and hikes.


Explore the City Market and visit the stands that sell local goods

2 days filled with hands-on cooking classes with locals

Wilderness tours and free time to explore

Your Local Host:

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Experience Itinerary

Campo Grande

Arrival in Campo Grande/MS, meeting the host and check-in at hotel. Depart in the evening to taste Sobá – a noodle&pork soup, traditional for the inhabitants of
Campo Grande and represents the cultural mix of the japanese & brazilian local communities.

Campo Grande / Pantanal

Departure in the early morning to the City Market and visit the stands that sell local goods. Next, hit the road towards Aquidauana city and have lunch before the off-road trip inside Pantanal. Check-in, general information and presentation of the facilities. Free time to relax and walk in the surroundings. Delicious dinner and


In the morning, after a sunrise tour & breakfast, hands-on classes of cooking. In the afternoon, enjoyable tours in the wilderness. At dusk, time to relax and have
caipirinhas (spirits that can be made with vodka or the local brazilian Cachaça) from regional fruits.

Some dishes prepared in the classes: Rice with Pequi (a local fruit of the Brazilian Savannah – Caryocar brasiliensis); White cheese prepared with fresh milk; the
“Chipa” – a type of cheese bread; Pintado a la Urucum (urucum is a natural red food colouring made out of the seeds of the same plant (Bixa orellana) and Pintado is a
catfish); Sopa Paraguaia (a typical corn pie that takes white cheese), the Maracaju sausage (that takes fine types of meat) and Caribéu (manioc and meat stew); Piranha
Ceviche and piranha Soup.

Pantanal/Campo Grande

Departure after breakfast, check-out and drive back to Campo Grande in time to check-in for your return flight. Farewell. End of the Pantanal Food Safari.

  • 1 night accommodation in a double room at Campo Grande
  • Land transfers throughout the itinerary
  • 3 nights accommodation in double room at Pantanal
  • Full-board - breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Dinner at Feira Central and lunch on day 2
  • Cooking classes conducted by English Speaking regional chef and host local/native guide on all tours and activities
  • Travel accidental insurance starting in Campo Grande
  • Certificate provided by the Food Research Paulo Machado Institute (30 hours/class). Pousada Pequi – available all year long