Sertão Food Safari



Experience a 5 day journey around Sertão and learn about the unique culture and heritage through the cuisine.

Food Safari Sertão takes place in the Paraiba State, within the northeast region of Brazil.

Its capital called Joao Pessoa is located by the coast, but this Food Safari expedition takes travellers into the countryside, the region known as Sertão.

This is a 5 day journey with accommodation in two different farming  hotels. The farms’ economy is related to goats and sheep, as well as sugar cane for Cachaça distilleries.

Besides the beautiful landscapes of the Sertão, the main attraction is the local culture & history, which reflects the gastronomic heritage.

This is a poor region in terms of economy but admirably rich on folklore and religious manifestations.

People from Sertão have adapted their life to the very dry climate and developed cooking techniques to have the best use of the ingredients.

What's Included

– 4 nights accommodation in double room at Nature Hotels
– Land transfers throughout the itinerary
– All activities described
– All meals
– Cooking classes conducted by English Speaking regional chef and host
-Travel accidental insurance starting in João Pessoa
– Local/native guide on tour at Lajedo Pai Mateus and Areia historical centre
– Certificate provided by the Food Research Paulo Machado Institute (30 hours)

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