Boteco Night Tour


Enjoy a night out - Brazilian style! Visit a few Boteco's (local Brazilian bars) with your local guide and experience the party side of Rio De Janeiro! Check out the local drinks and snacks - we guarantee you will eat, drink and be merry!

Experience a night you will never forget on this bar hopping tour around Rio De Janeiro. Discover the local and authentic ‘botecos’ and taste what drinks they have on offer.

NotintheGuidebooks would recommend trying chope which is a traditional draft beer from Brazil. The foam on the top of the beer actually works as a thermal insulator and ensures the drink stays cool in the Latin American sun.

If your drink of choice sides more with a cocktail then taste the flavours of Caipirinha. This drink is the Mojito of Brazil. Its made with sugarcane liquor, lime and sugar.

Accompany your drinks with some tasty Brazilian street food otherwise known as ‘petiscos’.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Guided tour of the best and most authentic Brazilian bars

What's Included

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Local and knowledgable guide

What's Not Included

  • Food and drinks which will be ordered and paid for once at the bar

Other Information

Departure Details

You can guide the departure details based off of your desires. The tour could either start in the after noon or evening. We would recommend completing the tour in the evening as the atmosphere is livelier and more of the locals will be out.

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