Sydney Street Photography Adventure

Australia, Sydney

5 Hours

1 to 8 People

Sydney Street Photography Adventure

£100 pp

What You'll Do

People, cafes, vendors, street merchants, buskers, historic buildings, art installations and much more. The power of observation underpins the art of great street photography and we take you to places that we know will spark your creativity. Whether you want to document a historic event or capture the spirit of a city while you’re travelling, this popular Aperture Club adventure will teach you to photograph people, objects, architecture, street art, events, festivals and more.

Newtown is known for its diversity, thriving street culture and street art. It’s perfect for street photography: people, cafes, vendors, street merchants, buskers, pets, historic buildings and unexpected surprises along the way! We begin the workshop at Café Newtown, then explore the urban landscape that unfolds as markets set up, cafes open and people fill the streets.

Our photography experience takes us past antique shops, eclectic speciality stores and spaces heavy with street art in search of inspiration and creativity. We’ll break for lunch to debrief: a great opportunity to exchange stories and to ask questions.

Our focus then shifts to refining the morning’s experience, with your experienced tutor/s enhancing your techniques with one-on-one coaching. By the end of this unique workshop, you’ll have photographed a charming visual story of one of Sydney’s most iconic communities…

And we hope you’ll have learned sharp observation, quick reflexes and people skills to help you create high-impact images you’ll be really proud of.


An eclectic urban landscape to capture off of the tourist trail

Excellent guide who knows the captivating area

1 on 1 tuition and workshop

Your Local Host:

Sharon Hickey

We're chatting with the host of this amazing experience and as soon as we get their bio we'll put it here

  • A professional photographer and a photographer’s assistant (subject to group size)