Tailormade 7 Day Escapade in Mauritius Ms Louise Burkinshaw

7 Days / 6 Nights

Private Group (2)

Tailormade 7 Day Escapade in Mauritius Ms Louise Burkinshaw


What You'll Do

Enjoy this authentic 7 day adventure in Mauritius, focused on supporting the local communities and protecting the ecosystem whilst immersing you in the local lifestyle, culture and breathtaking scenery.

Holiday Summary

Day 1    Transfer from Attitude Friday in Flacq

Check in to Veranda Tamarin 

Day 2   Catamaran Cruise, lunch included

Day 3   Check out of Veranda Tamarin 

Private chauffer pick up &Full day tour

Tour of Ganga Taloa

Winery Tour

Check into La Vielle Chimenee

Day 4 Private Chauffer pick up & Full day Tour

Hike in the Black River Gorges

Visit to Chamarel Waterfall & Coloured earth

Day 5 Check out of La Viulle Chimmenee 

Private chauffer pick up

Check in to Sakoa Boutique Hotel

Day 6 Food and Cultural Tour of the Capital City

Private Transfer

Day 7 Private chauffer ptransfer to airport.

Departure from Mauritius

This 6 night trip will take you on an adventure starting in the South West of the Island at Chamarel. Relax in an authentic and tranquil eco-lodge nestled in the mountains, immersed in nature. Enjoy access to a stunning pool, restaurant, bar, complimentary fish spa, kayaks and traditional fishing!

Spend a perfect day discovering the southeast coast on a spacious private catamaran with a BBQ and unforgettable snorkelling. You wont want this day to end with endless views of crystal clear water and the white sandy coast of Mauritius.

Enjoy a visit to a local winerey and a end your day with a tour of Ganga Tolao, a sacred lake and pilgrimage site set in the secluded mountains. Your next stop is Chamarel, where you will stay in peaceful cottages on a working tropical farm at the edge of the National Park.

Explore the National Park during a guided hike of the Black River Gorges and witness the magnificent scenery of West Mauritius. Take your adventure further by visiting spectacular Chamarel Waterfall and coloured earth. You will even have the chance to swim by these iconic waterfalls, a true highlight of your trip!

Finally, stay in true paradise, in the North West coast to enjoy the beautiful beach of Trou aux Biches. At Sakoa Boutique Hotel you will feel like you’re in a tropical dream, with a beautiful pool, bar, restaurant and a white sandy beach which is soft underfoot.

Explore the capital of Port Louis and immerse yourself in the melting pot of cultures found in Mauritius, with a delicious food and cultural local tour. Tasting the authentic street food along the buzzing high streets in the capital city is quite an adventure!

This sustainable trip is completely carbon offset, taking you off the beaten tracks in Mauritius. This unique and sustainable adventure in Mauritius will leave you ready to book your next trip back, and with stunning weather year-round, why not make this all-encompassing tour of Mauritius your next winter sun escape?


Sail along the crystal waters on a private day cruise with unforgettable snorkelling

Hike in the gorgeous Black River Gorges National Park

Admire and swim by the stunning Chamarel Waterfall

Enjoy a delicious traditional lunch hosted by a local

Your Local Host:


I was born and raised in Mauritius, since an early age I have been involved in tourism. Through the years I’ve seen Mauritius grow as a world-renowned destination for our beautiful sea side resorts and pristine beaches and that is all, pretty much.

As a local, I knew there was more Mauritius could offer to a traveller. I wanted to introduce Mauritius to visitors as a local friend would do, the authentic way so that they too could see all the beauty in nature, traditions and landscapes that only locals know.

Experience Itinerary

Arrival Day


Today you will be collected from your Hotel in Flacq ( the Friday Attitude Hotel)  and transferred to the Veranda Tamarin, an island style boutique hotel beckoning those in search of a cosy-cocoon tropical escape. Set within the charming and vibrant village of Tamarin and facing a fabulous sea view of the mythical bay of Tamarin, the Veranda Tamarin will be the base for your explorations of the island.


Accommodation : Veranda Tamarin

Relax on a Catamaran Cruise

After breakfast at your accommodation you will be embarking on a beautiful Catamaran Cruise.  This is a full day adventure  and includes, a BBQ lunch and free flowing drinks.

You will be setting sail for a complete day on board a spacious catamaran. For lunch there will be a BBQ and the famous Mauritian macerated rum will accompany you through the day as you discover some of the best snorkelling spots on the east coast.

You will be visiting isolated islets, a lush waterfall and more and at the end of the day watch the beautiful sunset from the large and comfortable trampoline of the catamaran, as you cruise your way back to port in Mahébourg.

Enjoy this authentic discovery of the south-east coast and its islands. Snorkel in the warm, crystal clear water and discover gorgeous coral reefs. Bask in the bright sunshine and top up your tan. This day trip is sure to be a true highlight!

You will then return to your accommodation, where you will unwind and spend dinner at your leisure, before turning in for the night.


Veranda Tamarin



Enjoy the Local Wonders in Mauritius

After breakfast at your accommodation , check out of the hotel and and  meet your private chauffeur who will pick you up for a full day tour.

You will take a one hour guided tour of a local winery, somewhere between the West of the Sun and the East of the Moon, authentic litchi wine is being crafted artisanally. During your visit to this boutique winery you will learn about the elaboration process  and enjoy a tasting of Mauritius’ unique and organic wine made of litchis.


After this amazing experience, you will have the chance to enjoy a tour of Ganga Talao. This is a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area, deep in the heart of Mauritius.

The stunning landscape will enchant you, immersing you in the true natural beauty of this stunning country.

After your  tours you  will be transferred from the airport to the La Vieille Cheminee. This Creole family run business is an authentic accommodation, providing you with a unique experience in Mauritius. Your afternoon and evening will then be spent settling into this gorgeous country.


La Vieille Cheminee

The hotel is a set of 6 cozy and perfectly equipped cottages tucked on the mountain of Chamarel, offering you traditional meals from their organic farm. You can also enjoy horseback riding in the mornings, around the nature trails surrounding the domain. This is the perfect place to disconnect from the buzzing routine and reconnect with nature and your loved ones, without compromising comfort or style.



La Vieille Cheminee, Mountain Cottage


Breakfast and Dinner

Relax along the Stunning Beaches

After breakfast at La Vieille Cheminee,  you will be collected for you full day tour hiking in the Black River Gorges and visiting the Chamarel Waterfall and coloured earth.

To begin your day, you will going on a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park. This 3 hour hike will begin at 9am and end at 12pm. Explore the magnificent African landscapes the West of Mauritius has to offer in the famous National Park. The stunning scenery will make this hike worth it, amazing you will every step you take along the way.

Next, you will visit the gorgeous Chamarel Waterfall and the coloured earth here in Mauritius. This picturesque 272 foot waterfall can be viewed from an upper deck and base with shallow swimming.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation from the Black River Gorges. This is the nation’s highest and most famous waterfall, making it a true highlight in Mauritius.


Accommodation : La Vielle Cheminee, Mountain Cottage


Adventure in the Picturesque Landscapes

Today, after breakfast  at your accommodation, you will check out and a private chauffeur will collect you to take you to your new accommodation, the beautiful Sakoa Boutique Hotel.



The Sakoa Boutique Hotel, Mauritius, Sea view room

This is an intimate boutique hotel, based in one of the most beautiful beaches of the North coast of Mauritius: Trou aux Biches. Enjoy relaxed days by the pool, beach, bar and restaurant, or embark on your own adventures with the free water sports in the calm lagoon. Close by you’ll find everything you need: from ATMs to lively restaurants, pharmacy, diving centres and bus stop.




Enjoy a Food & Cultural Tour

Breakfast is included at the Sakoa Boutique Hotel, starting your day off in the most delicious way possible!

You will then begin your adventures for the day by going for a food and cultural tour of the Capital City, Port Louis. This tour begins at 9am and will end by midday, and you will be taking the safe and local public bus to reach the meeting point.

Learn about Mauritius’ fascinating history and the blend of cultures in our island by sampling typical street food snacks from different backgrounds. Steamed dumplings in their hot broth, roti filled with spiced curry and, gato pima, the unbeatable deep fried chilli-cakes.

This authentic experience never fails to amaze visitors, providing you with delicious food that showcases the cultures found in gorgeous Mauritius.

You will then return to your beautiful hotel, where you can enjoy your last day in Mauritius as you desire. Whether you choose to relax and unwind within the boutique hotel, or venture out and explore the local area, you are sure to enjoy yourself.


The Sakoa Boutique Hotel, Sea View Room.



Departure Day

After your last delicious locally sourced breakfast at the hotel, you will begin your journey back home.

A private chauffeur will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the airport in time for your departure home. This will mark the end of anamazing time in  Mauritius. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!



Location Information

You will fly to and from Port Louis Airport, with private transfer to and from your accommodation.

Enjoy all parts of the island staying in Chamarel and Trou aux Biches.

Mauritius is a beautiful island  located in the warm Indian Ocean. Your 6 night trip will take you on an adventure starting in the West of the island at Tamarin, and then to Chamarel, where you will stay on a working tropical farm on the edge of the National Park. You will then head to the north west coast to enjoy the beautiful beach of Trou aux Biches, and explore the capital Port Louis.

Discover the real Mauritius with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside, stunning beaches and crystal blue waters.

  • Private transfer from Friday Attitude Flacq, to Veranda Tamarin
  • 2 nights at the Veranda Tamarin Breakfast included
  • 2 nights at La Vieille Cheminee - breakfast & dinner included
  • 2 nights at Sakoa Boutique Hotel - breakfast included
  • 1 traditional sailboat cruise with lunch included
  • 1 guided hike in the Black River Gorges
  • 2 full day tours with a private chauffeur
  • Guided tour of the Ganga Taloa
  • Guided tour of the Chamarel Waterfalls
  • Food and cultural tour of Port Louis
  • Your carbon footprint offset
  • Airport drop off


You will learn about Mauritian culture and current way of living, the Mauritius underwater world and how to preserve it, the diverse flora and fauna and its relevance to the natural ecosystem of the island. You will leave Mauritius with a deeper understanding of the beautiful natural landscape.

All of the CO2 emissions from your 7 day trip will be offset through the Mauritius Conscious' Go CO2 Neutral initiative. In collaboration with Aera, 20 Euros of your trip will be allocated to the first solar panel farm in Mauritius, offsetting 4 tonnes of the carbon footprint from your trip.

Yes! This trip focuses on empowering local communities. The lodges, activities and chauffeur you are supporting are all Mauritian led and run companies. This means 100% of your travel money is invested in Mauritian families, supporting the local economy.