4 Night Autumn Northern Lights Activities

Activities only

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4 Night Autumn Northern Lights Activities

Activities only

What You'll Do

Enjoy this amazing break in Lapland, staying in a magical glass igloo. Immerse yourself in the wonderful Autumn colours and fresh arctic air. Meet the huskies and take a safari with a sled on wheels, visit a local reindeer farm, take a guided hike in the forest and of course spend an evening searching for the Northern Lights.

Your trip will start with a transfer from Rovaniemi airport to your accommodation.

You can stroll to Santa’s village and immerse yourself in the magical Christmas atmosphere before setting off to hunt for the Aurora Borealis on your Northern Lights wilderness tour.

Your next day will start off with a guided wilderness survival hike across the landscape. You will encounter stunning views and beautiful wildlife so make sure you bring a camera! Following this, you will visit a local reindeer farm and meet the most famous gentle Lappish animal.

On your final day you will get to meet the huskies at a local husky farm and they will take you out  rushing through the lappish forests on a sled on wheels

Please note: Whilst all the activities mentioned will be included in your trip, the order of the activities may vary and your personal itinerary will be given to you on arrival.


Search for the Northern Lights on a guided evening tour

Interact with Huskies and Reindeer

Enjoy the crisp Nordic air and beautiful views on a guided hike

Your Local Host:


After serving in the Royal Marine Commando's for 5 years and working as a professional sailing & outdoor instructor, I was looking for a place to fulfill my vision and dreams. I found it here in the Finnish Lapland, where I can share the natural phenomena, opportunities, and beauty this amazing place has to offer. Lapland is also a great place for me to raise my family. Local nature connects people as you can share beautiful moments with strangers in very peaceful environments. Winters here are long, and without doubt this is the hardest job I have ever done. But I love it and I can promise the warmest of welcomes and an amazing time!

Experience Itinerary

Arrival in Rovaniemi

On arrival at Rovaniemi You will take  a private transfer to your cosy glass roofed igloo. There you have free time to explore your surroundings and get your bearings. Enjoy local drinks and a meal at the restaurant and experience traditional Lappish hospitality and delicious cuisine.

Santa's Village and Northern Lights Wilderness Tour

Today you can stroll over to Santa’s Village, see the elves at work and soak up the Christmas atmosphere before you set off on your wonderful Northern lights wilderness tour.

You’ll join a small group and a professional guide to search through the wilderness on your evening hunt for the Aurora Borealis, and have the opportunity to drive through the Lapland wilderness and explore the arctic nature. During stops you may take a short walk through the very old, Lappish forest or to the top of fells, you may cross a wooden bridge over powerful rapids, or enjoy the silence on a lakeside beach … Hopefully, with Auroras dancing over your heads!

This experience is almost always done in the complete dark and you see the scenery in a completely new and beautiful way. You will get the opportunity to build a fire outdoors, next to a log hut or in a teepee. Your guide will teach you how to light a fire in the traditional way, using silver birch bark and flint. While waiting for the first greenish arches to appear above your head, as the kettle starts to boil, your guide will share with you their knowledge and passion about the forest and its wildlife, and the northern lights. You will also have a hot beverage to warm you up, grill your own sausages over the open fire and enjoy your it with the famous Finnish mustard.

We can’t guarantee that you will see the lights, due to weather conditions, but  your local guide is expert at searching for the best possible place to see them.

Snowshoeing and Reindeer

Today you will enjoy a hike through the beautiful Lappish wilderness. You will be able to see some stunning views of the rolling hills and the. You will definitely want to bring a camera for this one!

Get ready for a relaxing walk into the wilderness! You will join a small group and head deep into the Arctic nature with your guide, to discover more of the secrets of Lapland, at the beginning of autumn, the forest is showing its beautiful “ruska” colours. Copper, gold, auburn, and ocher adorn the leaves of the birches like a last goodbye to summer. Autumn is also a great time to find and learn about the local shrubs and mushrooms that grow here.

You will stop for refreshments and a typical Finnish barbecue snack will be provided halfway, as your guide will light a fire to keep you warm. This is a great opportunity for your guide to  show you how we use a flint and birch bark  to light the fire in the traditional way.

You will be in a small group – maximum 8 people, and your guide will  adapt the route to ensure it is suitable for everyone, from the very beginners to the good hikers. As you will explore the white scenery and feel the peaceful harmony of Lapland your guide will keep an eye on wildlife and flora, and will teach you more about nature and your surroundings.

Following this, you will get the chance to visit the most famous Lappish animal during the reindeer farm visit. Your guide will drive you in a very small group to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland based just outside of Rovaniemi on the lovely shores of a peaceful lake. You will meet the reindeer and spend some time on the farm learning about how reindeer are reared and looked after.

Husky Safari

After a buffet breakfast at your accommodation, you’ll be collected for your Husky safari.

Enjoy your time in this winter wonderland with a safari led by your own dog team. When you arrive at the farm you will be amazed how excited the dogs are to start their run through the beautiful landscape, and as you set off through the forest it is an unforgettable experience

It takes lots of preparation and conditioning before the Huskies dogs are as fit as they can be,  on your visit you will get a feel for how the dogs are prepared to be the amazing athletes they are. Our enthusiastic dogs will happily take you down the forest trail for an unforgettable experience.

You’ll be able to drive your own team of dogs as you ride the wheeled sleigh  as the ”musher” and have time to spend with the dogs after your exhilarating ride. They love the attention and are more than happy to have a tummy rub and photos!

Return to the hotel to relax and process the amazing day of experiences, and hopefully get a last glimpse of the Northern lights


Today it’s time for your adventure to come to an end. You will be collected and take to the airport for your flight home.

You’ve had an incredible time with wonderful once in a life time experiences in Lapland, and created memories that last a lifetime!


trees in autumn in italy

Location Information

At Santa’s village there are several restaurants and cafes which you can visit, as well as bars, so there is always something for you to enjoy alongside the amenities at the accommodation.

Rovaniemi airport is a short 15 minute transfer and there are direct flights from the UK during the Winter season with Ryan Air and Easy Jet as well as scheduled flights via Helsinki.

  • Transfers
  • Northern lights wilderness tour
  • Guided hike in the Lappish countryside
  • Reindeer farm experience
  • Husky safari on wheeled cart
  • Warm clothing and boots are provided for you to borrow during the activities if needed


During the activities, guests will have access to thermal overalls and boots for that activity which are then returned after activity is over. They are extra clothing to add on your actual clothes and we recommend you to wear good inner layers, a warm hat, two pairs of thick socks and winter gloves. When you are not on activities you will also need warm outer layers and boots as the temperature can be very cold.

Child ages are 4-12.

Please notify us if you are bringing an infant under 4 years old.